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  1. 5 Facts About Stump Grinding
  2. Why do trees grow from stumps?
  3. Tree stumps: facts to know
  4. Here are 5 things you should know about stump grinding
  • A Procedure
  • Grinding stumps has its benefits
  • Wood chips made from trees and roots
  • What the service will cost you
  • Threats
  1. What are your needs when it comes to stump grinding?

5 Facts About Stump Grinding

When a tree is taken out of a property, it leaves a gigantic stump on the ground. If you have ever had a tree removed, you know what that feeling is. However, what are you going to do with the tree after it is removed? A tree stump can be considered a quite unsightly sight as it can hinder new plantings and even pose a potential hazard to people. This problem can be addressed by Best Tree Removal Melbourne by providing stump grinding, a tree service that they offer.

How does stump grinding cause trees to grow?

Tree stumps are the remnants of tree roots that remain when a tree has had its top cut off or removed. In forests and bushlands, they can be seen in abundance, but they are also common in urban areas as well where trees grew vigorously before any attention was paid to maintaining them. There are some plastics that are extremely durable, but they can degrade naturally, and it can take many years to do so. You may not need one, but if you have one on your property or in your garden, it can look unbearably ugly.

 Tree stumps: Facts to Know

Objects that seem uninteresting from afar may appear quite interesting when viewed from closer. Homeowners become forced to navigate these obstacles if they walk through their yard, causing them to become access obstacles. The majority of property owners view these obstacles as ugly obstructions in the landscape. The strangest thing about tree stumps, however, is the things you can learn from looking at them closely. Let me tell you what they are.

  • Consequently, the number of years that have passed since a tree has been planted, is indicated by its concentric rings.
  • The rings that are thicker indicate cooler, drier weather, while thin rings indicate warmer weather with more rainfall.
  • It is possible for tree stumps to grow into a new trees at times; however, this is not always the case.

Here are 5 things you should know about stump grinding

A procedure

By removing a stump by hand, a stump grinder uses a piece of specialized machinery to remove the stump. The process involves shredding the stump into very small pieces and removing the pieces back into the soil. Optimally, we will be taking it 150-300 mm below ground level, bringing it to a flat surface. There is no need for chemicals or excessive physical exertion in order to effectively remove all visible traces of the stump.

Stump grinding has its benefits

  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of properties
  • Provides safe and convenient access to your lawn or property so that you can maintain it
  • In this way, you can prevent stumps from rotting, which could result in snakes, ants, and termites using your stump as a breeding ground
  • As decaying wood is highly favored by fungi, this eliminates the possibility of fungal growth

Wood chips made from trees and roots

During stump grinding, only the stump part that sticks out from the stump surface is removed. Since the light source has been removed from the tree, its root system remains in place, though it cannot grow in the absence of the light source. If you grind stumps into wood chips, you will be left with an accumulation of wood chips, which you can use as mulch or add to the green waste pool.

What the service will cost you?

Depending on the diameter and circumference of the tree, as well as its type, the price will vary. It can be challenging to grind through some trees as the wood is harder than others. When stumps are ground, the job primarily involves grinding the stump itself. There is a possibility of digging up surface roots, but these actions may put underground services at risk and negatively impact the surrounding gardens and turfs. Because of these reasons, it is usually only the major surface roots that are dug up. 


There are a number of difficult aspects to handling the equipment. The effect of operating this device incorrectly can be very dangerous both to the person operating it and others around them as well. The shredded wood is just one type of debris that is thrown around the area, along with other debris such as glass, rocks, and nails, which could cause injury to people and damage to property. It is also possible that the stump grinder is going to hit cable, plumbing, or water lines in the ground.

What are your needs when it comes to stump grinding?

In order to avoid problems, we recommend you by no means attempt to grind your own stump, and only have our experienced ground crews do so. It is possible to cause damage to your lawn as well as your surrounding properties by self-performing this task. There may be hazards to you and possible hazards to the property you are working on. It would be helpful if you could engage the services of a trusted Tree Services supplier, such as Best Tree Removal Melbourne if you need Tree Services for Stump Grinding. You can depend on our expert service.

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